Greetings Æthelmearc,

This missive is a call to every loyal citizen of Æthelmearc from newcomers to veteran fighters and fencers, to artisans and those that choose to serve; nobles, lords and ladies alike! For every person to step forward with swords, bows, thrown weapons, armament, craft, research and service united as Æthelmearc.

Those heavy fighters with a rapier authorization, take the bladed field with your brother and sister fencers.
Thus, the same of our fellow fencers: grab hold of your rattan and fight on the heavy field.

If you have a bow worthy of a target, pull upon that string and let loose an arrow on the range.

Sharpen your knives and axes, so they may cleave the target in twain.
Hone your skills and minds to create and explain.
Place yourself in the way of those that need aid.

We should present an Æthelmearc united in every aspect of our society; gather around and support each other without hesitation, answering any question of who we are. We are all a part of the Æthelmearc Army in one way or another.

The fundamental change in the structure of Æthelmearc’s Army is thus; it will be split in two regions: Eastern Banner and Western Banner. A Banner is both a military unit and a geographical region of the Army. The Baronies, Shires, Households and Companies of a Banner will stand together on the field as one unit. The Banners will represent the mighty arms of Æthelmearc sweeping clear all those that stand before us like crumbs from a table.

All the Knowne World will hear the sounds and songs of Æthelmearc ringing throughout the battlefields, ranges and halls.

We are currently looking for an individual with command experience to assume the role of Lieutenant of the Eastern Banner. If you are interested, please email me here for more details.

In Gloriam Æthelmearc!
One Ærmy, One Æthelmearc.

Yours in service and arms,
Æthelmearc Warlord