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The Sylvan Bard championships had over a dozen bards entering! That’s GREAT!! I was excited to see so much talent and passion come out of the woodwork for it. For next year,  I’d like to see us get 20 bards out there to compete, especially considering how much territory we cover. On that note, I’m putting forth the challenge to make next year’s championships about original material. Bards and performers are the best way (in my opinion) to preserve and spread the milestones and culture of the Marc.

My intent for next year’s competition (given their future Majesties’ permission) will to limit entries to wholly original or filked pieces based on something that happened to or within AEthelmearc at some point between today and next year’s Kingdom Twelfth Night. And for the non-composers among us, I know that might be a step up for you, but I believe Æthelbards are up to the challenge. We are bigger than our doubts and current abilities. To be safe, I’ll be reaching out to our baronies and shires to make sure those off of social media know.

As unfortunately there was no video of the winning performance, here is a sneak peek at another most unusual performance, “Perche dolce caro bene” by Bran o’Labradha.

For inspiration, and just plain fun, many of the Sylvan Bard Championship performances are now uploaded to the Kingdom ofÆthelmearc Youtube channel at Ætube. Take a listen, and enjoy our Kingdom’s bardic talent same as we did!

That said, I’m a wordsmith first, and I am fully at your disposal for any assistance you may need in that regard. If you’re struggling on phrasing, or don’t know how to convey certain messages, or even if it’s just what to rhyme with, please reach out to me. We need to remember we’re a community, and together, we have the skills and talent to do great things. Onward and upward!

Yours in Service,
Sylvan Bard Éadaoin Ruadh