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The Passing of the Ice Dragon Arts & Sciences Pentathlon has released the judging criteria for its third category: Live Performance! Examples of this category can be instrumental performance, vocal performance, dance, juggling, storytelling, drama, comedy, improv, oratory performance as well as historical combat showcase (no entry of any kind will be accepted if the presentation requires a Marshall or safety equipment to be present). Entries should not exceed 15 minutes unless you have made prior arrangements. As there are time and space limits, the number of longer performance entries may be limited and are at the discretion of the Coordinator.

For more details on the Live Performance category, please visit the Pent website.


The Stuart Steiner Theater, now available to our performing arts as part of the Ice Dragon Pentathlon!

The Pent room will be open for registration from 9:15 AM to 10:30 AM. At 11:30 AM all Pent Performance Judges and Entrants gather at the Stuart Steiner Theater. The theater can be accessed from the theater lobby, either from the main entrance (which leads into the lobby) or by walking through the building.

And the populace is welcome to witness our Live Performance entries! We are able to use a beautiful professional theater and the performers would be sure to enjoy the live audience. Please keep in mind the doors will be shut during the 1 hour sessions to prevent disrupting the performances.

Documentation for Performance Art may be verbal this year. If an entrant chooses this option, there will be a 5 minute time limit. The entrants are welcome to utilize the judging criteria to self-score their work ahead of time and tweak any areas they feel might benefit.

Keep an eye on our website and on social media to see all we’re up to. The end of March is creeping up fast, and that pesky Ice Dragon sure is in need of some slaying!

Looking forward to your entries.
– cori
Pentathlon Coordinator

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