ExchequerGood Evening Æthelmearc, from Rhys, Kingdom Exchequer.

Following the additional guidance provided yesterday by the BOD and Master Illadore regarding the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) at SCA events and activities I wanted to announce a new Kingdom initiative:

The Kingdom of Æthelmearc is offering, to any of her branches, financial assistance in obtaining supplies to clean, sanitize, and otherwise engage
in methods to help prevent spread of COVID-19 at SCA events and activities. Items such as soap, gloves, hand sanitizer, tissues, paper towels, disposable wipes, cleaners, etc., are all eligible for reimbursement.

To have your items reimbursed, the Branch Seneschal or Exchequer should submit the relevant receipts, along with brief information regarding the SCA event or activity the supplies are for, to the Kingdom Exchequer and Seneschal Offices (ae.exchequer@aethelmearc.org & ae.seneschal@aethelmearc.org).

Should you have any questions or additional concerns regarding financial assistance for supplies, please contact me directly at ae.exchequer@aethelmearc.org

Be Smart, Stay Safe, & Wash Your Hands.

In Service,