A message from the Rhydderich Hael Exchequer:

Good morning

Rhydderich Hael Exchequer here.
I am in the middle of prepping refunds for Ice Dragon.

You do not need to request a refund, we will be sending checks to all who prepaid, unless you specifically tell us to consider it a donation (and thank you to those who have already done so).

Be aware that due to SCA regulations, we are not allowed to just send back canceled checks. We must deposit all checks, then issue refunds from the Baronial account.

The refunds will be processed in this order:
– Merchants (checks to be written by Monday 3/16)
– People whose address on the check matches the return address on the envelope the check was sent in (checks to be written by Friday 3/20)
– Local people whose address I already have (between Wednesday 3/18 and Wednesday 3/25)
– Anyone who didn’t give an address to the Reservation clerk (whenever I figure out how to get your check to you)

Thank you all for your understanding and patience,
– cori