seneschal_badgeFrom Master Illadore, Kingdom Seneschale:

Hello my beloved Æthelmearc –

As you can see from His Majesty’s missive today, we are still planning, as of now, to have Coronation; however, plans are fluid. It still may be possibly cancelled, if the government requires us to do so.

Under the assumption we can have Coronation, we are now limited on the number of people who can attend.

Per myself, as the Regional Vice President of Æthelmearc and Duchess Dorinda, the local Seneschal, the event is now invitation only. We have received a variance from the Society Seneschal for this. The local autocrat will be working on refunding your event fees.

If/when things change, we will absolutely let you know as soon as possible.

Remember: Wash your hands. Be Kind. Don’t Panic (in nice friendly letters.)

Kingdom Seneschal