AEthelmearcUnto Æthelmearc do Timothy and Gabrielle send greetings,

Strange times call for novel solutions. With that in mind, Gabrielle and I have started making the arrangements to live stream a court. On 3/28 at 1pm, we will begin to stream.

As you can imagine this plan is really just coming together. With the exception of the remaining peerage elevations, the rest of our docket will be cleared. This includes, amongst other things, our Jewel, a Fleur, a Millrind, and a pair of Gages.

Unless someone comes up with a better idea, we will be publishing the docket in advance, so the recipients know to watch the stream.

We will save our peerage elevations to be done in regency court once things settle back down.

Thank you, and please stay safe,

Timothy and Gabrielle