It seems like eons ago that a cry went up throughout the land of Æthelmearc – it was WAR!

No, not Pennsic.


Our gentle Queen decided to humor the irrepressible King Timothy at a court in Delftwood by allowing him a kazoo. Was this the biggest mistake of her reign?

His Majesty started touting the wonders of the kazoo, urging one and all to take up this simple yet amazingly annoying instrument. Her Majesty’s polite eye rolls inspired a small but mighty force to defend her delicate ears, and the KAZOO WAR was on.

At first it seemed to be a war of words as Lord Snorri announced his fealty to Queen Gabrielle while many in the Chivalry stoutly proclaimed their support for the King and his kazoos.

Soon, however, the war escalated. Plans were made for an all-out mayhem of dueling kazoos to be held at the Festival of the Ice Dragon. Gentles began ordering kazoos from merchants at a prodigious rate, until the entire Kingdom groaned in fear of the outcome.

Alas, the plague descended upon the land and a truce was, perforce, declared. While His Majesty made many, many, MANY brave attempts to bring kazoos into the Court Æthereal last weekend, Queen Gabrielle was quick to snatch them from his hands each time.

We may never know which side would have won the war of kazoos vs. anti-kazoos, but it is hoped that peace reigns in the royal household given that, like most of us, King Timothy and Queen Gabrielle are forced to shelter in their home… together. Presumably with the kazoos hidden lest the Princes Royal bring chaos to the land.

Court Aetherial 3-28-2020

The Queen keeps a watchful eye out for contraband kazoos during the Court Æthereal