Plague DoctorIt’s A.S. 54 and the plague is upon us.

A dread disease roams the land, forcing us to shelter in our homes or flee to our countryside villas as Giovanni Boccaccio did in 1348, wiling his hours away with tales of love, tragedy, and humor.

Fortunately, we have a plague doctor who will keep the realm safe: THLord Methias Weasel!

Yes, His Lordship does more than torment train youth fighters on the battlefield. A co-founder of the Æthelmearc Assassins’ Guild, he travels throughout the land in his Plague Doctor mask to bring comfort (with a side dose of fear) to all.

Meanwhile, Lady Rue, his wife, brews concoctions to heal the sick as well as poisons to dispatch the enemies of the kingdom.

So while our modern medical personnel, including many from the ranks of the SCA, labor tirelessly to save those stricken by our current miasma, we can sleep soundly knowing that a plague doctor is also on the job.

This post is dedicated to the doctors, nurses, physicians’ assistants, EMTs, paramedics, and other medical personnel of Æthelmearc who are the greatest warriors we have in this fight against the modern plague. May you all remain healthy and bring relief to those who suffer.

Photo by Lady Romey von Feuerhertts.