In celebration of Spring Coronation, Their Highnesses Maynard and Liadain are looking to show unity across Kingdom. In these difficult times, many of us are stuck in our homes, but it does not mean we are alone. To demonstrate this, their Highnesses are asking that each member of the Kingdom take a moment to display their banners, heraldry, and colors. Starting today (4/2) and lasting until the end of the reign, if it is safe to do so, raise your banner poles outside your home, from your balconies, or in your windows. Let’s show the world the pride of AEthelmearc. If you cannot venture outside, hang your banners and heraldry indoors. This can be any flag (Kingdom, unit, personal, etc). If you don’t have a banner, display your shields, tabards, or artwork. Encourage your children to create drawings of their SCA adventures. Have fun and be creative. Videos are also welcome. To connect this quest to each other, Their Highnesses ask that each person create a post on their personal social media accounts (or group accounts). Include their local SCA group, mundane city & state, as well as the hashtags #AEBannersRaised, #SCAUnited, and #SCAatHome. The goal is to create a stream of posts that extends to all ends of the Kingdom and all spaces in-between! So please take a moment to raise spirits across the land and answer the call of Your Glorious Kingdom!