– photo by Kyle Andrews

From THL Enzo, Road To Rouen autocrat,

It is in times like these that I believe humor is the best recourse. So first I would like to blame you all for creating the most period accurate XIV century event the society has ever seen. Not only were retinues from kingdoms across the known world arming themselves for the honor of France and England, but also enduring a great plague which has befallen the land and caused much chaos from the nobleman’s hall to the peasant’s hearth! It is in times like these I believe a good laugh at our predicament will purge the soul of misery with the same efficiency as the web browser histories of many a spouse has been purged now that they work from home together…..

Now for the serious bit,
Given the circumstances of the current Covid-19 outbreak and the serious health concerns of having such a large gathering with people from across the country I have decided to postpone the event to June 2021. This was discussed with both of the leading dukes and my own event staff and the decision has been difficult but no deeds of arms is worth the health of dear friends. Per my assistant autocrat in charge of reservations:

“As we are postponing rather than canceling the event, we will be carrying over reservations to the new date. If you prefer to cancel your reservation, please contact Clare Jackson at thecoribird@gmail.com

Refunds will only be sent to the person whose name is on the check. Any questions please contact Clare at 716 517 8570. Deadline for refunds will be (two weeks before the new date or May 15, whichever is later.)”

Now for the uplifting bit,
Although such a noble endeavor must wait as we all endure the pandemic I would like to thank you all. I never imagined this event would get off the ground. I assumed the SCA would fall short of the dream as has been my experience many times. I am awestruck at how wrong I was in this assumption.

Men and women from kingdoms across the Known World have taken up the call in many inspiring ways. I have never experienced such a groundswell of enthusiasm. Many of the old hands not only rose up and pledged to come and improve themselves, but committed their own hands and knowledge to those willing to reach for a higher standard. Our Kings and Queens inspired us onward and many new retinues have been formed to meet the daunting challenge set forth. It has been my pleasure to watch the amount of heart and effort that has gone into people’s kits. I am truly tongue tied to explain just how humbling all of your efforts have been in making this event a reality.

In closing, this event is going to happen; too many have given their time, money and effort into it to simply cast it to the wayside. We have one more year to get more to take up the challenge and prepare ourselves even better for what has the potential to be a truly historic event.

My sincerest and humble thanks to you all, god keep you safe in these trying times,

THL Enzo De Pazzi, in service to all those who dare to grasp the dream.