Their Sylvan Majesties King Maynard von dem Steine and Queen Liadain ni Dheirdre Chaohamnaigh are pleased to announce the Arts & Sciences Virtual Queen’s Prize Tourney – an event we don’t need to worry about canceling! Use our web form to enter after reading the details below.

The Virtual Queen’s Prize Tourney will be an A&S-Faire-meets-the-Ice-Dragon-Pentathlon: the entries are publicly shared over a two-month period on this site. The general populace is encouraged to show their appreciation and interest, as if going to the A&S Faire, asking questions and giving constructive feedback to the individual entrants.

Unlike the A&S Faire, where the entrant is present and can share the project information face to face, documentation for our Virtual Tourney is more akin to entering in the Ice Dragon Pentathlon but without the scoring aspect.

To comment on an entry and see its full details, documentation, and supporting images, click its title or image below. All entries and comments will be approved before being published.


Virtual Queen’s Prize Tourney entry “Kyousoku” Arm Rest
by Ishiyama-shi-i Gen’tarou Yori’ie

Due to the nature of virtual judging, and the practicality and legality of shipping foodstuffs and alcohol, anything that needs to be sniffed, tasted, or quaffed for proper judging is unfortunately not eligible. Don’t get us wrong – we really would not mind having consumables shipped to us in this time of need! But we don’t want you to break the law either. That being said, we totally encourage and accept research-paper entries in these areas!

To show our appreciation to those artisans who go the extra mile to document their projects in such depth and detail that not having them in hand does not seem a handicap, the Kingdom Office of Arts & Sciences will sponsor an extra prize for documentation that went above and beyond the usual. This could include, but is not limited to, detailed photo journals, video journals, illustrations, blueprints, step-by-step instructions – anything to help enhance our virtual experience of your fabulous project!

The challenge will run until the last day of June. At the deadline, all submissions will be collected and presented to the royalty for their enjoyment and judgement. From this plethora of the best our Sylvan Kingdom has to offer, our Royal Majesty will choose her favorite entry.

Any gentle interested in participating in the arts & sciences is welcome to enter, whether they are brand-new artisans, or seasoned Laurels. We also welcome multiple entries as well as group entries. If you feel inspired to create it, we will take it – and share your inspiration across our Sylvan Kingdom!


Virtual Queen’s Prize Tourney entry “Axeman vs Centaur” scroll by Caleb Reynolds

But what about when normal life starts up again?

Rest assured, we will ask organizers of other kingdom-wide competitions and displays to keep the virtual entries eligible for entering in their events. Mistress Cori, the coordinator of the Ice Dragon Pentathlon, has already pledged to extend the completion deadline for the 2021 Ice Dragon Pentathlon to 24 months prior to entering, and that all Virtual Tourney entries are welcome, whether they won a prize or not.

Basically, entering in the Virtual Tourney this year gives you a completed project for next year’s Pent! We also pledge that any entry in the Virtual Tourney will remain fully eligible for entry in this fall’s Kingdom A&S Championship.

How do I enter? Complete and submit our online form.

Their Sylvan Majesties and the Kingdom Office of Arts & Sciences are very much looking forward to seeing what our kingdom has to offer! We all hope this challenge will offer inspiration, and a welcome distraction from these current difficult times.

Yours in service,

Hrólfr and Elska á Fjárfelli

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