Unto all of Æthelmearc, do We, Maynard and Liadain, King and Queen of these Sylvan lands, send fond greetings and heartfelt well wishes.

Thank you to Æthelmearc and Scadians across the Known World.  We are deeply impressed by the daily initiatives being rolled out to keep people engaged and active until we are once again able to gather in person.  A wealth of learning, displays, camaraderie, entertainment, leadership and shenanigans abounds – with plenty of room for more!

There are multiple platforms in which to experience the virtual SCA, be it through social media, Zoom, YouTube and elsewhere. More information regarding official Kingdom functions can be found on our Kingdom website. Interested in hosting your own class, meeting, social gathering, gaming session or happy hour through an Æthelmearc Zoom room? Sign up now on aethelmearc.org

Cheers to everyone who has joined us for ÆLive! (on ÆTube for those who missed it.)  We have had a tremendous amount of fun putting the show together and can’t express enough just how much We appreciate Our incredible ÆLive staff. This has been a steep learning curve for Us and Our staff continues to carry Us up the hill. ÆLive continues to grow and evolve and We need your help! We are very interested in entertaining/informative 2-3 minute standalone video segments, slide shows, that can be aired during the show (geared toward general Kingdom audience) as well as individuals with creative concepts, skits, bits and the like to contribute and those with marketing and/or technical expertise to assist in production and distribution.

The show is a conglomeration of news, entertainment, and recognition. Each episode, three individuals are recognized with “Tokens of Distinction.” These are not formal awards nor bear any precedence; they are tokens of esteem from Our Hand. These are chosen by Us and you, the populace. You may submit your recommendations via the online award recommendation form. However, We would also encourage YOU to recognize those you hold in high regard directly. Please take the time to personally acknowledge the deeds, generosity and accomplishments of others with kind words and affirmations. A few words have tremendous power – use them for good.  Make someone’s day better – yours will be too!

We are so proud of all of you, for your genuine thoughtfulness and generosity in caring for one another, as well as for your fortitude and ingenuity. We understand that there are many questions about the future. For Our part on behalf of Æthelmearc, We shall continue to work diligently to keep you as up to date as possible. We acknowledge that some news may be disappointing, such as the cancellation of events, but we are all working together to ensure the safety and well-being of friends and family. We encourage you to continue to be patient with one another, with event staff and those in the position to make difficult decisions.

We recognize that every person reading this missive has been impacted by the ongoing battle. Some incredibly so.  We, Maynard and Liadain, see you, are here for you and hold you all in Our hearts. Do not hesitate to call on us should you have need.

Though there is much uncertainty, there will be an end to this and we will be victorious. This victory will be hard won, but we shall emerge stronger for it. This has already been illustrated in all that we have accomplished together to date and have planned for our future despite this plague on our lands. Stay strong, stay optimistic and when you can’t – lean on us, your Kingdom, your friends, your family, your shield mates. We are Æthelmearc and together we are mighty.

Please keep washing your hands, practicing kindness and inspiring each other and the Known World. We raise a glass to you and look forward to seeing you soon online and in person.

For Æthelmearc, We Remain,

Maynard and Liadain

Rex et Regina