webministerFrom Baroness Amalie Reinhardt, Kingdom Webminister:

We are making some changes to our Zoom setup and policies to help step up security and to help prevent any further Zoom bombing.

Starting today, we will be turning on passwords for all Zoom Meeting Rooms. When the host/organizer is sent credentials for the Zoom meeting, it is essential that the password-embedded link and the password are not posted on social media or websites. This includes Facebook, Twitter, and even group web pages and blogs.

Please distribute Zoom password-embedded links and/or passwords through private Facebook groups, private messages, or through email (direct or listservs/Google groups, etc.).

Additionally, all Zoom Meetings will have the waiting room turned on by default. This means that the host/organizer (or any co-hosts) will need to admit each person into the room. This will help protect you from admitting people you do not recognize.

Please note that hosts and co-hosts are able to remove unruly people during a Zoom Meeting. Please be careful that you only remove people you do not wish to reenter in this fashion as they will not be allowed reentry. Also know that you hosts and co-hosts can set the room to have participants muted when they join and not allow participants to unmute themselves. Also, meeting rooms can be locked once all attendees are present, which disallows access for anyone else to join a room. More information about managing Zoom Meeting Rooms can be found here.

All meetings that have been scheduled to this point will have passwords turned on, if they were not already, and will have the waiting room feature enabled. If the password was not on, you will be receiving a new email with meeting credentials. Again, the passwords *should not* be posted publicly to help ensure protection of your meeting attendees.

Lastly, if you have had the unfortunate circumstance that someone Zoom bombed your room, please follow the instructions found here.

If you have any questions or additional concerns, please let Master Illadore, THL Sumayya, or Baroness Amalie know.

Thank you for your continued support of our online conferencing platform.

In service,

THL Sumayya and Baroness Amalie
Æ Zoom Team