Once, the Kingdom of Æthelmearc was a place of brave deeds, thrilling adventure, and tales of glory! Then a plague fell over the land. The court halls emptied, the battlefields fell silent, and the noble populace retreated to their quarters to wait out the trouble. It was in this dark time that a new type of lore began. People, left with idle time, began to practice ancient arts, delving into the depths of their minds. For most this meant nothing…. but for some…they who dug too deep… they uncovered mysteries that might best be left hidden…they uncovered…Pet, peer, and populace tricks!

That’s right folks. The time has come! We at ÆLive have seen your art, listened to your songs, and viewed your at home pictures. Now the time has come for “Peer, Populace, and Pet tricks”! Are you a peer? Do you own a pet? Are you a member of the populace? Do you possess some odd, funny, amusing, yet mindless tricks? We at ÆLive want to showcase them!

What do you need to do? Take a short video of you or your pet performing the trick and send it into ÆLive so we can showcase this in a future show. Try to keep your video to under a minute. This is a clean, fun, family show. ÆLive reserves the right to refuse any videos that are not family friendly, contain dangerous or illegal acts, or otherwise reflect poorly on the SCA. Have fun, but for goodness sake use common sense! and stayed tuned for updates. Please submit videos no later than June 22nd 2020.Æ

Send your videos to:


Need an example? Check out this fine teaser…