From Mistress Antoinette de la Croix and Baroness Shirin of Susa, Kingdom Signets:

We were SUPER busy selecting the winners for the contest, packing up for shipment all the gorgeous backlog scrolls that our talented scribes created and photographing the lot. The category and the winner(s) are listed below. Where there is more than one winner, they are ordered alphabetically.

30 scribes participated in the contest, 28 backlog scrolls were created and another 36 blanks scrolls were submitted for a total of 64 scrolls! Our scribes are the BEST!
Thank you EVERYONE for participating, this has been a blast and has made lots of recipients very very happy!

  • The Plague – Mistress Luceta DiCosimo
  • Roman/Greek – Lady Aurelie of Nithgaard
  • Byzantine – Lady Aurelie of Nithgaard
  • Tetralogical/Novgorod/Russ – Baroness Bubba Blackhammer, Lady Aurelie of Nithgaard
  • Miscellaneous – Lady Kolfinna Jodisardottir
  • Glorious Goldwork – THLady Phelippe “Pippi” Ulfsdottir, Lady Serena Milani
  • 14 Century Acanthus – Sir Ardan Scott
  • French Quilts – THLady Edith of Winterton, THLady Vivienne of Yardley, THLord Owen Tegg
  • Wondrous Whitework – Master Caleb Reynolds
  • Romanesque – Sir Ardan Scott
  • Psalters – Mistress Abigail Kelhogge, Sir Murdoch Bayne
  • Squashed Bugs/Flowers – Lady Allesandra Serena Renda of Gibellina
  • Celtic/Knotwork – Lady Judith Krahe von Schwarzwald
  • Zoomorphic – Lady Aine ingen Ui Briain
  • Italian Renaissance – Lady Fede di Fiore
  • French Renaissance – Lady Nichola Beese
  • All ink, all day – Lady Eilionora inghean Bhaird, Lady Alianora Bronhulle, THLady Ceindrech ferch Elidir, THL Zosia Kowalewska
  • Black and white – Lady Arsalan Egesig
  • Non Traditional – Lady Nichola Beese
  • Oldest Backlog – Lady Tierrany Rose Orre (AS33)
  • Most personalized backlog – Lady Grainne Ruadh
  • Peerages – Baroness Bubba Blackhammer, Lady Fede di Fiore, Mistress Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen, Lady Nichola Beese, Baroness Shirin of Susa
  • Visconti Lover – Lady Kadlin Sigvaldakona (we added this category AFTER because Antoinette was so impressed with the THREE Visconti blanks she submitted)
  • NO entries for Scroll with largest number of scribes working on it
  • NO entries for marvelous minuscules

Video slide shows of the entries are available at the links below:

Scribal Contest - Tierrany Rose Orre

One of the winning scrolls, by Lady Tierrany Rose Orre.