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Today (6/21/2020) is the LAST DAY to complete the SCA’s census.

Go to https://scacensus2020a.questionpro.com/ and let your voice be heard!  It takes about 25 minutes, but the results could be used to inform decisions for years to come! YOUR voice is important!

Some fun facts from the Corporate Communications blog:

The 2020 SCA Census was launched on June 7th and we are into our final few days. The Census closes on the 21st.You can access the census here: https://scacensus2020a.questionpro.com/

The current numbers as of Jun 18th are:

Section 1 – Your experience in the SCA, and your thoughts on SCA-related issues – 14,168 participants have viewed the section, and 8,205 have completed the section.

Section 2 – Demographic Information – 7,847 participants have viewed this section, and 6,867 have completed this section.

Section 3 – Questions about negative experiences in the SCA – 7,091 participants have viewed this section, and 6,448 have completed this section.

[Editor’s note: Section 3 asks a few very sensitive questions that may be triggering for some. Click here to see a list of questions]

We thank all that have taken the time to participate in the 2020 SCA Census.