From Lady Isabetta Orsini, Their Majesties’ Special Project Coordinator:

Greetings unto all who read this,

Their Royal Majesties wish to begin a new, and hopefully fun, activity for the populace of Æthelmearc. As such, I hereby introduce #AERoamingRoyals to all. While unable to be with you in person, They would still like to see what you are up to. The link below will take you to the full directions and your own set of Royalty. Color Them as you’d like, cut the picture out, put it on a stick, and take Them with you on various ventures. Post your pictures on social media using the tag  #AERoamingRoyals so that the Kingdom can all enjoy.

Hear the words of the King and Queen:

Although unable to physically gather within Our Sylvan Lands at this time, We still wish to make an appearance wherever you may be. So please take this opportunity to decorate your own set of Royalty and take Us with you on your various undertakings. Snap a picture of Us joining you on a quest, whether it be a simple undertaking, or more involved.

So far They have been to see Glenn Falls, Einstein, braved a beehive, almost been devoured by a ravenous bunny, saved by two subjects in glorious garb, took part in a meeting in New Zealand, looked over the local wares, assisted one of our youths in tree climbing, and ended this set of adventures around the fire pit with friends. Let’s see what these Two can get up to out there next!

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Please feel free to send any questions to me either by message on Facebook or by email at isabettaorsini@gmail.com