Today’s article in our series on the Kingdom’s Virtual Queen’s Prize Tourney is about an fascinating entry called Tudor Rose, made by artisan Julianna Woolworth.

As we do not have the ability to converse with our entrants face to face, the Virtual Queen’s Prize Tourney now offers the opportunity to drool over images and read the documentation right there on the Kingdom Ministry of Arts & Sciences website, as well  as leave feedback. To learn a little more about the artisan and their thoughts behind their entry, the tourney organizers decided to broaden our traditional entry of object and documentation with personal interviews.


I was inspired by the anniversary of The Field of the Cloth of Gold to find a Tudor rose to represent our wonderful kingdom. It’s not finished yet; I plan on filling in the flowers and leaves when time permits.

Could you tell me a little about you, your persona.

I live in the Barony of Endless Hills, I’ve been the seneschal in the past and our Barony’s A&S Champion twice. I am mainly a cook and feastocrat. I work with my husband Tufa in the area of pickling vegetables. My persona is middle to late Tudor. I am a working class woman so I tend not to stand out, which suits me just fine. My persona would definitely use my entry, either on a fancy apron or I would make a pair and add them as a decoration to a sleeve for a dress.

What inspired you to make your entry?

Well, since food wasn’t allowed for the obvious reasons, I needed to come up with something that I know how to do.  I wanted to try something different, so that’s why I went with the blackwork. Whenever I enter a competition or an artisan exchange, I try to teach myself something new. I’m always trying to learn and broaden my knowledge.

What is your intention with your entry?

My intention was to showcase my needle work. I’ve always used food, but I wanted to try something that although I have been taught to do. I had no clue about blackwork. So it was a very quick learning course that I undertook. Of course it’s not how I planned it out to look, but I am very happy with the results. When I finish the piece I intend to use it as a personal gift.

Did the entry throw up any unexpected issues?

I had no idea that it was due today until 48 hours ago, so although I already had the material and the design, I got it done in the last 24 hours of the tourney because I’m a procrastinator. The design itself gave me some issues, I really needed a light box but I made due with what I had on hand and thank the lord that my mother-in-law is a crafter so she had several items that I needed to make it work.

Did you learn something specific, something you would do differently, or would recommend others to do again?

Next time I need to find out the due date much more in advance when I agree to compete in any competition.

What motivated you to enter the Virtual Queen’s Prize Tourney?

My motivation was to make not only my Barony but my Baron and Baroness proud of their decision to appoint me their Arts and Sciences champion. Exposure is nice because it will help me learn, everything is a learning opportunity to me. Plus, I can’t wait to give over the finished project to it’s intended because I think that she will love it.
If you need anything else, please just let me know. Thank you.

Thank you, Julianna Woolworth, for sharing your wonderful work with our Kingdom’s artisans and populace!

If you would like to see Julianna’s entry, follow this link. And if you liked her work, have a question to ask, or a tip to share – please leave your comments with her entry! You can “Leave a Reply” at the bottom of the entry’s page. Their Majesties announced the winners in Virtual Court at the Æthelmearc Æcademy on July 11.