Thrown weapons medalUnto the people of Æthelmearc, greetings from the Kingdom Thrown Weapons


As discussed during Pennsic last year, changes have been made to the Society Thrown Weapons rules.

Overall, they are not drastic, but do include the formal addition of Plumbata and Sling to Thrown Weapons, and the transition of Atlatl over to Archery.

Please note that those of you with Atlatl warrants issued through thrown weapons will need to contact the Kingdom Archer General to discuss carrying them over. This is not an automatic transition.

Kingdom rules reflecting these changes are in the works.

Letters of Interest for Kingdom TW Marshall

While the plague may have robbed us of some of our time together, my term still comes to a close at the end of this year. As such, all those who would have a desire to serve this Kingdom as Thrown Weapons Marshal are asked to submit a letter of interest at this time.

The position oversees and promotes all thrown weapons activities within the Kingdom as well as our compliance with Society Thrown Weapons policies. The position also supports Thrown Weapons on the Pennsic range and will run (or appoint someone to run) those activities at Pennsic 50.

The normal time commitment for this position is an hour or so per week and does require some travel within the Kingdom. During Pennsic, expect to spend 4 to 8 hours per day on the range.

You should include your experience in thrown weapons and the SCA, what things you would like to change or simply improve upon in thrown weapons, and any other relevant information you feel would allow us to make an informed decision.

Letters should be sent to Their Majesties (ae.king@aethelmearc.org) (ae.queen@aethelmearc.org), the Earl Marshal (ae.marshal@aethelmearc.org) and myself (ae.twmarshal@aethelmearc.org).

The office typically transitions at Kingdom 12th Night.

It has been my pleasure to serve in this capacity, and I look forward to the continued growth with in our little community.

In service to Æthelmearc and Thrown Weapons,
Maestro Antonio de Luna