webministerUnto the Kingdom of Æthelmearc, does your Kingdom Webminister send greetings!

To the Kingdom — It has been a wonderful serving the Kingdom for many years as your Webminister. As much as I will miss creating quarterly filks and finding new ways to use technology to help our Kingdom move forward, it will be time for me to step down next spring. I am putting out a call for Letters of Intent for anyone interested in the Office of Kingdom Webminister. This is for a two-year term, starting at Spring Crown Tournament 2021.

The Webminister’s Office is responsible for maintaining the Kingdom Website, the Kingdom’s Google for Non-Profits Account (email, documents, and so on), ÆTube, the forms server, the docs server, and any remaining email forwarders. They also help support the Kingdom Zoom account. Additionally, the Webminister assists webministers of local groups, Kingdom guilds and Polling Orders, and Kingdom offices with any web-related issues as well as collect reports every quarter and submit quarterly reports to the Society Webminister. The Webminister oversees the Event Coordinator on matters pertaining to the website, and works very closely with this position to keep the Kingdom Calendar up-to-date. The Webminister also works very closely with the Kingdom Chronicler. Finally, the Webminister collects Kingdom quarterly reports, sends reports to the Society Webminister, checks for compliance issues throughout Kingdom websites and also makes recommendations to Society level for the William Blackfox Web Awards.

The average time spent working on Kingdom Webminister duties is roughly 2-10 hours per week, depending on the time of month and issues that arise. Skills required for this position are a working knowledge of websites and web servers, Google, email, cPanel, WordPress, HTML, and Spreadsheets.

I am available to discuss any questions you may have about the office via email (ae.webminister@aethelmearc.org), Facebook (Peri Nelson-Sukert) or phone (please email for phone number). Upon selection of my successor, there will be some time for training for this position.

Letters of intent should be sent to the following email address – resume.webminister@aethelmearc.org. This email will forward to Their Royal Majesties, the Kingdom Seneschal, and the Kingdom Webminister. Please have all letters submitted by February 1, 2021.

Thank you for allowing me to help Æthelmearc in this capacity for the past 4 years and for this extended 5th year. It has been filled with much learning and growth and many memorable moments. Again, thank you.

In service to Æthelmearc,
Baroness Amalie
Kingdom Webminister