Greetings Fair Æthelmearc from Baron Brandubh O’Donnghaile, Silver Buccle Herald,

I bring you breaking heraldic news! Please join me in wishing a happy
retirement to Master Madoc Arundel. I cannot thank Madoc enough for
serving Æthelmearc for over 5 years as Garnet and Cornelian heralds
handling all heraldic submissions for the kingdom, and shortly he will even
take a rest.

Because Æthelmearc has new Kingdom Deputy Heralds, I am pleased to
announce that THLady Eleanore Godwin will be taking the Mantle of Garnet Herald and THLady Alianora Bronhulle wil be taking the mantle of Cornelian Herald and they will be taking over the heraldic submissions for the Kingdom with Master Madoc’s guidance. My deep appreciation to these two Ladies for taking these offices!

Brandubh, Silver Buccle