Come, one and all (but not you), to your local neighborhood virtual performance circle! Whether you’d just like to listen, perform once, or any chance you get, please tune in. CHANGE UP! We’ll do the Pick/Pass/Play format for a little more organization. The queue will consist of the attendees in how they appear in the list. When it gets to you, your options are to Pick someone else to go or request another piece/theme/etc., Pass to the next person in line, or Play meaning perform a piece of your choice.

Time slot: the host doesn’t have work the next day, so 11:00 pm EDT may be a soft boundary for ending the circle.

Material/theme: no limits either to fantasy or historical, as we’ll have attendees from a variety of games. For Earth history, try to keep it pre 1800s, though modern filks with fantasy/historical material are fine. Game specific songs (about units, weapon building, fighting rules humor, etc.) are welcome, too. If you’re uncertain, feel free to ask the host. Stories, songs, poems, instrumental pieces–all are welcome!

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