Greetings All!

Their Sylvan Majesties King Maynard von dem Steine and Queen Liadain ni
Dheirdre Chaohamnaigh are pleased to let it be known to all that They are
looking forward to choose Their Arts & Sciences Champions at the Virtual
Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship to be held on Saturday December 5th.

That afternoon you will have a chance to meet the entrants on Zoom and ask
questions about their work. The entries can be found at this link.

Join us at 4pm Dec 5th to celebrate the enormous talent in our Arts &
Sciences community!

More information is available on the Facebook event page.

The new Kingdom A&S Champions will be announced in Court, which begins at 7pm. More information about Court, including Zoom links, is available on Facebook.

Zoom links will be posted later.

Hrólfr á Fjárfelli