THLord Justin Lymner

Our next merchant in our SCA Shop Talk series is THLord Justin Lymner of the Barony of Delftwood.

What’s the name of your shop?
Good, clean, soaps & crafts

How long have you been in business (online or at events)?
About 15 years.

What website do you use?
Mostly word of mouth, interest when I post pictures on my Facebook page. I like in person sales … sigh

What kinds of goods are you selling?
Soaps – glycerin, cold process and liquid, lip balms, and chain mail jewelry. I started with melt and pour glycerin soaps, very easy and already soap so no need to work with lye. Since it almost transparent you can play with light!

I have branched out to cold process as I like having total control of my ingredients and as it has more working time, than glycerin, you can do interesting swirls. Liquid soap is great as I make a large batch and scent as I go. Lip balms came about as I did not like the ones available, and had the raw materials from soap making. A friend gave me some jump rings to try chain maille; I found I was good at it and I loved it!

What are your most popular products?
Lip balms, my own formula, and chain mail bracelets.

Are you also the artisan as well as the seller?
I like to think my creations are art. I do a lot of different periods of garb. I have said my persona is clothes horse.

Do you offer any kinds of discounts or special offers? If so, what?
Not usually… I try for affordable luxury. sometimes I have bartered on a case by case basis.

How has business been since the pandemic, and has the pandemic made it harder or easier to make items to sell?
It is different as no craft shows or events income, however less overhead as no entrance fees or gas. I have more time to craft. Alas, I usually do a lot of teaching in person, which of course has not been happening except for a few virtual classes. I was the glycerin soap presenter for a virtual soap making conference which drew people from across the nation!

Is there anything else you’d like prospective customers to know?
My business philosophy is that everyone deserves to be spoiled a bit. I try not to over-scent/flavor my products as this is another reason I started making my own.


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