Greetings form the Captain of Horse of the Debatable Lands and Equestrian Marshal in Charge of the Virtual Equestrian Challenge “Victorious over the Unseen Enemy”. Thank you, Brandubh and Hilderun, Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands for sponsoring and judging this event. We would not have been able to do this without you. Thank you.

A close-call sighting of the Unseen Enemy…

I cannot express how proud I am of all the riders who stepped out and saddled their horse to defend our lands. This was a long journey, as it had three different parts to it. We enjoyed watching the entries and were cheering everyone on, from behind the screen. Your creativity and artistic abilities that went into your entry left us often speechless or laughing. We could not have asked for better protection for our lands. With this said, it was a difficult task to score each entry, as all of you brought incredibly unique skills into the battle.

Victory scroll by Gesa van Wellenstein

From Æthelmearc, Simon á Fjárfelli was out youngest contestant and deserved the title: Youth Champion for his bravery and skills at arms on Audrey. His mother, Elska á Fjárfelli scored a 43 on her Icelandic steed Greni frá Blasted Rock. Her artistic skills and story line gave her the title: Most Creative Contestant.

Simon á Fjárfelli and Audrey

“Simon and I are brand-new to the wonderful world of SCA equestrians. This is our first foray into equestrian games, and we had a blast! Our ponies were a bit puzzled by all the distractions that suddenly had grown up along their well-known trails, but took the entertainment in stride. Greni has a long career as a trail pony, with the occasional hunter pace and trail trial challenges (when we had transportation). Audrey is new to us, and this, but took all the merriment in stride as well as good care of her not-so-tiny-anymore human, while making sure her barn-mom was never far out of reach (yes, I have trouble filming as she is using me as her emotional support animal!). We are all looking forward to the start of in-person events, where we can be taught how to use our weapons properly.”

To view the virtual entries, simply click on the link to go to a YouTube video!

Simon á Fjárfelli of the Dominion of Myrkfaelinn with Audrey: https://youtu.be/KyvIaKiFRNg
Elska á Fjárfelli with Greni frá Blasted Rock: https://youtu.be/08wf0JOUm7A

Master of all Tricks scroll by Gesa van Wellenstein

From the Middle Kingdom we had two strong worriers who came to our aid. Lancer Eschina McDonyll on Max scored a 48. Her showmanship and Max’s trick performance earned her a title of: Master of all Tricks.

“I am Lancer Eschina MacDonyll of the Middle Kingdom (Shire of Mugmort). I’ve been in the SCA about 5years. My fearless steed is Maximillian better known as Max the Wonder Horse. He’s a 23-year young draft cross who loves to try new things. We play in riding challenges, driving challenges, chariot archery, mounted combat, and just started jousting in 2019. Max pulls a 14th century Scottish- style chariot. We are the current Baronial equestrian champions for the Middles Marches. Mundanely we also enjoy jumping, hunter paces and versatile horse competitions, and trail riding with our faithful canine sidekicks. Max has trained and authorized several new riders into the equestrian games.”

Lancer Eschina MacDonyll of the Middle Kingdom with Maximillian: https://youtu.be/1f4gve88EAI

Fellow Midrealm partner Captain CuMhara o’Holyhead kept all of us laughing through her journey to victory. Her master steed Lord Magic was supervised and supported by Freedom and his canine friend. She rode on and collected 55 points total during her journey.

Captain CuMhara o’Holyhead with Lord Magic

“I currently serve as Her Majesty Midrealm’s equestrian champion, although I’m pretty sure I was chosen because I have the best horse. I do, however, have strong feelings for Æthelmearc. I grew up in Steubenville OH, which is almost the Debatable Lands. I was also given permission by my Queen to serve in the guard of HRM Maurya, on the field at Pennsic, many years ago. Magic the Incomparable is a Speak up for Horses rescue who just wishes I would let him open up when we run barrels. He has his Award of Hooves, a Midrealm award to recognize animals who have served in some way. He loves kids because they are light and usually have treats. He will knock over any drink containers to see if they have stout beer or cider. He will drink mead or Gatorade in a pinch. He has won more tournaments than I have, even though I’ve been competing much longer.”

Captain CuMhara o’Holyhead with Lord Magic: https://youtu.be/NxKm7_LgBPk

The highest score was achieved by Yarden from the Debatable Lands. He entered his quest on Max and debited the enemy with his final blow. His total score was 55.5 and was awarded the title: Victorious over the Unseen Enemy.

Gesa shared with the Æthelmearc Gazette that “Yadren (Jordan Helmick) is a great rider who has been jousting with me for 3 years. He is part of the Barony of the Debatable Lands and used to come regular to my practice and events. He joined the sca as a member last year June. Moose has been difficult and is doing really well now. Yarden and his lady friend Nicole are awesome horse people. I think he came to my jousting clinic 5 years ago and kept on showing up!”

Yadren of the Debatable Lands with Moose: https://youtu.be/hV_taxX-BII


The unseen enemy had no chance to hide when our lands are defended with such mighty force. It was an honor and my pleasure to be a part of this journey. Until we meet again.

Your servant and protector Gesa van Wellenstein Captain of the Horse of Debatable Lands

Victory scroll for Yadren & Moose by Gesa van Wellenstein