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Join us for #15forSCA! The goal is to spend 15 minutes a day doing something Scadian to get ready for when we are able to do in-person activities again.

This can be:

· 15 minutes of exercising; Hit the Pell!
100 Day Pell Challenge 2.0 on the Book of Faces

· Shoot some arrows; design a new target or a range
SCA Target Archery Ideas & Design on the Book of Faces

· Research garb on Pinterest; do a thing, ask questions
Migration Era Costume Research Group on the Book of Faces
Viking Clothing on the Book of Faces
Medieval Clothing on the Book of Faces
Tudor Gowns on the Book of Faces
Elizabethan Costume on the Book of Faces

· Browse JStor, which has free access during the pandemic (JStor resources during COVID-19)

· Reach out to someone in your Shire, Canton, or Barony

· Cook a medieval recipe
SCA Cooks on the Book of Faces

· Find your favorite SCA youtubers!
Kingdom of Æthelmearc Virtual Resources, including populace YouTube channels

· Shop or leave a review for an SCA merchant that you like
SCA Merchant Relief on the Book of Faces
as well as the Æthelmearc Gazette archives for recently published articles on populace merchants

· Write an award recommendation for someone either in at local or Kingdom level
Sylvan Kingdom of Æthelmearc Award Recommendation Form

· Reach out to that mundane friend that keeps posting “Cool!” on your SCA pictures and see if they are interested in learning more
SCA Newcomer’s Portal

· Participate in one of the local, Kingdom or Society challenges (two birds with one stone on this option)
Pandemic Portraits, an SCA photography challenge; also on the Book of Faces
(and when you happen to come across one, please share with the Æthelmearc Arts & Sciences Book of Faces page!)

the possibilities are endless…

This 15 minutes is whatever you have the energy for – the only requirement is that you do something, anything! Complete 30 days (does not have to be consecutive) and you will earn a ‘war pay’ against the Plague.

Hashtag #15forSCA to show what you are doing today!
(Set your social media settings to global so that your hashtag can be shared.)