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The Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands invites the Kingdom to an afternoon virtual 12th Night Social on Saturday, January 16th, starting at 1pm. Join us for socializing, games, entertainment, fighting classes, and more! Help us spread joy and cheer!

The full schedule with details and links to all the activities is here: http://bit.ly/12thNight21 . Use this document to navigate the event! Check out our plans:

A Main Room for socializing, and chatelaining. Drop in and see which of your friends are chatting. New folks are welcome to come in for intros and questions. You can do tech troubleshooting here, too!

Fighting Classes!
— 1pm – Count Seto Gesshuko teaches “How to Stay Deadly with At Home Fighting Exercises” (1 hr)
— 2pm – Viscount Sagan teaches “An Approach to Successful Training, Practice and Combat” (2 hrs)
— 4pm – Jarl Steinarr Aggarson teaches “Reading Unknown Opponents in a Safe Way” (1hr)

A Game Room, hosted by Lord Angus MacDougall of the Debatable Lands:
–Games include Carcassonne, 7 Wonders, and jackbox.tv offerings such as Quiplash, Talking Points, and Champ’d Up.
–Exact games to be determined by the players. Come at 1pm to hop in early, but players are welcome anytime!
[Note: some minor requirements outside of Zoom are needed for online gaming, see schedule for details]

Our Entertainment Room has many fun activities!
–A merry Sing-A-Long with Lady Alysoun
I Genesii presents: “Arlecchino’s Adventure” & “Love Canals” (ages 16 and up only, pls)
–Gift Exchange Unwrapping Party! Not part of an exchange? Bring your favorite holiday gift to show off!
–A Bardic Circle, led by THL Silence de Cherbourg

We have an entire Movie Room just for Shakespeare’s 12th Night – every version! Presented by Master Alaric MacConnall. This activity starts at 11am and runs through midnight. See the event schedule (“Movie Schedule” tab) for the full movie titles and times.

We honored to host a Memorial Gathering in Honor of Master Remus Fletcher from 3pm to 4pm.
Details here.

At 5pm, all are invited to the Debatable Lands Baronial Court. Come on over to the Main Room to see your friends and chosen family be recognized.

The afternoon will conclude with a community chat after Court, same Zoom channel. See and chat and be of good cheer together. [Still want more? Shakespeare’s 12th Night Movies continue to midnight!]

See you there!