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Pennsic Land staff sent this message land agents:

First, there are new Land Announcements at https://land.pennsicwar.org/docs_announce.php.

Second, there is a very important announcement regarding Seniority from Land One.

It has come to our attention that some land agents and/or groups are concerned about the potential loss of a year of seniority for their group if they do not attend Pennsic War 49. We would not want a person or group to feel obligated to attend PW49 if due to COVID-19 health or travel restrictions, they are not able to attend. This is especially true as we cannot predict what restrictions may be in place when PW49 is in progress.

As such, we will not be awarding a year of seniority for any of the groups who ultimately attend PW49. This assures that no group will receive any type of seniority advantage for having had the opportunity and desire to attend Pennsic where the COVID 19 restrictions would not prevent them from doing so.

As always, the site is available to you at https://land.pennsicwar.org.

Rhys ap Ishmael
Land Staff

Photo by Lord Darter.