Greetings Æthelmearc from your Kingdom Seneschal! 

I have a few things to cover tonight – some good, some more difficult. Bottom line up front – I need for you, for all of Æthelmearc, to hold two separate ideas at the same time – we must double-down right now on keeping ourselves safe, and we need to think about what re-opening looks like in the future. 

First – doubling down to keep ourselves safe. Unfortunately, WV, PA, and NY’s infection rates  are not good right now and, in conjunction with Their Majesties, The Earl Marshal, the Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for Pandemics, we are extending the fighting and fencing ban until at least April 1st.  I also do not recommend having in-person gatherings for the next few months, as we deal with these new COVID variants. If you are going to have one, please contact Duke Christopher at pandemic@aethelmearc.org.  

Also, I highly recommend doubling down on mask wearing – and getting the vaccine when it becomes available if your doctor recommends it for you. I got my first shot three weeks ago and so far no adverse reactions – but no super powers either. 

So, now the better news. The SCA, in general, is starting to talk about what opening back up looks like, as the current projections, with the current vaccines, and the new vaccines that are coming on to market, show that we likely will be in a better place come summer. Also, Pennsic Staff and Coopers Lake are currently planning on Pennsic happening – though that does 100% depend on whether or not the State and County will permit it happening. 

We are not opening up immediately, it will be likely summer before Æthelmearc opens up, but I would like for you to consider what that means for you. What form and timeline does reopening take, for yourselves, your family, your friends, your Shires, Dominion, and Baronies?

Please start thinking (and planning) about what the next summer may look like for you and yours. I encourage you to share these thoughts and concerns with me. Please email me at seneschal@aethelmearc.org. I have some thoughts but I would like to hear yours first. This is just the beginning of a conversation we will have together as a Kingdom over the next several months. 

Thank you Æthelmearc! 

Kingdom Seneschal