The Barony of Delftwood invites you to our Virtual Feast of the Seven Deadly Sins on February 20th beginning at 9:30 AM!

Detail of people drinking, from a treatise on the Seven Vices, Add MS 27695, f. 14r

The Main Room will be a virtual Troll where you can get help with Zoom and put your name in the hat for door prizes (yes, everything is free)!

Three breakout rooms will be open from 9:30 AM to 4 PM for a variety of activities:

A Fencing room with classes and roundtables, including:
-Intro to Fabris and Italian Rapier with Don Brendan Firebow of the East Kingdom
-Providing the Unexpected: the use of untraditional parry items, misdirection, and other mind games on the listfield, a roundtable led by Master Po Silvertop
-Solo Training Schola hosted by Aethelmearc Defense Academy
-An Introduction to Japanese Swordsmanship in SCA Rapier with Master Benedict Fergus atte Mede
-And more!!

An A&S room with:
-Classes on Roman Cosmetics with Alexis of Drachenwald
-A Cook Along with Lady Keara Caitlin MacLeod
-A Virtual Feast with Their Excellencies Baron Ixac ben Simone and Baroness Amalie Reinhardt (yes, the site is wet!)
-An A&S Show & Tell led by Lady Glenna Cholmondeley – You can enter ahead of time and we’ll post your work, or bring it the day of and tell us all about it, no documentation required! Details here: http://delftwood.org/events/seven-deadly-sins-2021/7-deadlies-as-demo/
-A Fashion Show with Lord Justin Lymner, with fun largesse prizes!
-And more!!

And a Room of Sloth for open-ended socializing and hanging out!

Baronial Court will be held at 4 PM, with a Bardic led by our Baronial Bardic Champion Lady Ania Mhoireach to finish out the evening.

Link to main schedule: https://rb.gy/dlhljb

Baronial Event page: http://delftwood.org/events/seven-deadly-sins-2021/

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2889497124605140

To attend: Zoom links will be sent out to the Aethelmearc Announcements and Delftwood mailing lists. You can also get the zoom links by emailing autocrat@delftwood.org.