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Pennsic 49 – 2021 Update:

G’Day Everyone,

As promised, I am sending this message out to keep you all informed as to how we are progressing to Pennsic 49. The reason for the update is so that you are able to walk the decision making path with me in a clear and transparent manner and know the rationale behind any decisions we, the Pennsic Management Team are making.

First of all I want you to all know that we are still planning for Pennsic 49 in 2021. I want to make it very clear that we are “planning,” not holding Pennsic 49 next week, as we are still months away from either the Pennsic 49 decision date at the end of May or the Pennsic War event itself.

Let me explain for those that have never seen behind the running of a major event like Pennsic… it does take a lot of planning and organisation. We can’t just start organising it at the end of June and get it all in place. The Pennsic War Management Staff and myself as Mayor of Pennsic start the process two years out from the Pennsic War we are running. I won’t go through all the boring administrative details, but it is a long and well managed process.

However, you need to be assured that I will adopt the same fact-based and health-informed approach to the planning for Pennsic 49 this year, as I did last year. I fully understand the concerns you all have about any large event at this time, but I still need to continue the planning required well ahead of the event itself.

The same timeline will be adopted again for this year as it was for last year and we have a decision date which at this stage is at the end of May 2021, give or take a week. We still have just under 6 months till Pennsic 49, and I am prepared to support the PSG and deliver the hard call if need be, the same as I did last year. Note the SCA Inc have currently suspended all SCA events until May 30, 2021. Those types of decisions are out of my control.

I also want you to understand that we are much further ahead this year regarding our knowledge of COVID-19 than we were at the same time last year. And yes, we are fully aware that mutant strains are evolving and that vaccines are being rolled out. However, these things need to be observed and evaluated over the next few months and consideration given as to what effect they are having on the COVID 19 health overlay, nation and worldwide. This in itself will form a large part of our decision-making package and like last year will always be based on current, up to date, CDC plus local State and County Health information.

I will not endanger people or risk Pennsic 49 becoming a “Super-spreader Event” just for the sake of having an SCA event. I am fully aware that people have concerns. At this stage I again reiterate that we are “planning” for Pennsic 49, not running Pennsic 49 right now. You all trusted me last year and those of you that know me, should know that I have no “ego” about being Mayor of Pennsic 49. I view myself as the custodian of the Pennsic War event, which encompasses the safety of attendees, organizers, staff and public community that surrounds the Pennsic War. I will not risk any these for the sake of swinging a stick, camping with friends and having a few pints around a campfire.

I hope this update helps you all understand the process we are going through. I will keep you updated with future posts when new information is available.

Everyone please keep safe.

Mayor Pennsic

Photo Credit: Lord Darter the Chronicler