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Unto the Known World does the Barony of Thescorre send Greetings!

DO you miss playing in an SCA kitchen with other cooks? Are you sad you won’t be able to sit down to yet another famous College of Three Ravens feast prepared by the Cauldron Bleu Cooks Guild?

We, members of the Barony’s 43-year-old cooks guild, invite you to join us in celebrating our favorite past time; we cordially invite all who are interested in helping us prepare a virtual feast for this year’s C3R.

While we cannot have this event in person, we are provided with the perfect opportunity to have ALL OF YOU “in the kitchen” with us! We are currently choosing period recipes from our favorite places and times, with absolutely no respect given to any semblance of order or plan for a “menu” (this is still a pandemic folks – we can’t be THAT organized).

We have been redacting, cooking, and photographing or video recording our endeavors and sharing them with all of you throughout this month right up until the event on February 28. Our hope is to have quite a fun time learning redactions, techniques, and sharing in each others’ tables.

What we would like from you:

Join the Cook-Along-At-Home Feast page on Facebook. We invite you to choose your own items that you love or have always wanted to make, redact (or choose a redaction that you like, or work with someone you know to create the redacted recipe).

Post your medieval recipe(s), your redaction(s), your process, your photos, videos, etc. Whatever you would like to share with everyone. MISTAKES ARE WELCOME. Please share as you go through the process and PLEASE do not leave out what didn’t work. We are here to learn, to enjoy cooking, and to share with those we love. No one is perfect and food can be pretty, but let’s hear about all of it – the good, the bad, and the ugly. There are no parameters except that you choose an item that interests you and that you work safely (please do not break any rules handed down from the BOD about social distance, etc. This is meant to be done safely in your own space, not as a get- together.)

You are welcome (and encouraged) to safely drop off test batches or extra surplus foods created to your neighbors and local friends, whether SCA or not.

Let’s have some fun! This is open to the entire Known World, so feel free to share far and wide – If you cannot share, but would still like to participate, please email the info to our webminister and she will update for you: webminister AT thescorre DOT org. Just let her know your name and any info you’d like in the post so she can properly credit.

So far, we have honey-glazed carrots and Boxing Day coffins, among other dishes. Thank you to everyone who is cooking along at home with us!