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The schedule of classes for College of Three Ravens 2021 is now available on the Thescorre website.

To see the printable class schedule with times and to register for the free event, see here.

The classes, by teacher, are:

  1. Baroness Amalie Reinhardt
    -A Brief History About Micography
    -How to Locate and Use an Inspiration Piece to Write Period-Sounding Scroll Texts
  2. Ilaria Rosati
    -A Simple French Hood c. 1505-1515
  3. Éadaoin Ruadh
    -Bardic Feedback & Roundtable
  4. Mistress Gytha Oggsdottir
    -Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the SCA
    -Talking with Your Hands
  5. Baroness Hannah d’Avila
    -Birka and Ribe: reconstruction period beads
  6. Mistress Alicia Langland
    -Blackletter Double Trouble
  7. Dominic McMorland
    -Body Mechanics for Heavy Fighting
  8. Filipo de Sancto Martino
    -Commedia dell’arte101
    -How to Write a Brag!
  9. Daedez of the Dark Horde Moritu
    -Daily Life Among the Mongols
  10. Baroness Sadira bint Wassouf
    -Dim Sum with What You Have or Can Get
  11. THL Beatrice de Winter
    -From Beak-masks to Beakers: A History of the Black Death
  12. Angus the Bull
    -Pole Arm: Pell to Practice
  13. Katja Davidova Orlova Khazarina
    Post-Pandemic Food in the SCA Roundtable
  14. Iohn Spooner
    -Redacting a piece of furniture from an illumination
  15. Sǫlveig Þrándardóttir
    -Samurai Chef: Cooking & Dining in 16c Japan
  16. Caleb Reynolds
    -So, you think you can’t research something
  17. Glenna Cholmondeley
    -Support Spinning
  18. Baroness Orianna Fridrikskona
    -The Icelandic Turf House
  19. Uilliam (Liam) MacantSaoir
    -The Monongahela People
  20. Friderich Swartzwalder
    -Who’s who in Europe 1500
  21. Baron Friðrikr Tomasson
    -Will You Give Your Throat: Throat Biting in Old Norse Icelandic Literature
  22. Lucetta di Cosimo
    -Baba Yaga
  23. Mistress Cordelia Colton
    -Basket Weaving for kids
  24. THL Cael O’Conaill
    -Commedia Character Workshop
  25. Padriag Ua Chaeleichair
    -Meditation Techniques to Improve Martial Training & Competition
  26. Lucia de Moranza
    -Modern Alchemy 101: Dyes and Mordants
  27. Baroness Clarice Roan
    -Beginning Poetry Class