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G’day Everyone,

This is just a quick update to keep you informed of our progress tp Pennsic 49.

Over the last month the Pennsic 49 senior executive has met with the Crowns and Seneschals of the East, Midrealm, and Æthelmearc. We have discussed specific issue regarding the planning and running of Pennsic 49 and are discussing options and figuring out ways to run it safely, albeit maybe a little differently. Those plans are still under consideration, discussion, and planning, but we are still moving forward to our well-published final decision date of May 30.

I am aware that the Known World Seneschals have met with the SCA Inc. Executive Board over a range of issues prior to the full SCA Inc. Board meeting, I think some time in April. I am not aware, nor do I need to know the specifics of that meeting, however we were asked and did supply representation at the meeting to field any Pennsic War-specific questions.

We are continuing to plan for Pennsic 49 in 2021 until either 30 May 2021 or our hand is forced to make a decision sooner.

The good news is the the COVID-19 overlay is getting better in the USA, UK, and parts of Europe week by week. I pray it keeps going that way with the vaccines roll out.

I know this is not the news many need right now, but I’m letting you all know so that you can plan accordingly and be as aware as we are. Sorry I can’t say more.

In service to you all….


Photo by Master Augusto Giuseppe da San Donato.