Greetings to Beloved AEthelmearc.

    I bring news from the Kingdom Financial Committee, which includes myself and Their Majesties, as well as the Deputy Kingdom Seneschal of Pandemics, Duke Christopher; and Master Morien, Kingdom Earl Marshal.

    As you have seen, the Board of Directors has passed a resolution for Resolution to Lift Suspension of In-Person Activity in the SCA as of June 1st, 2021.

    Collectively, we have decided that A) AEthelmearc will allow events starting June 1st that follow the Board of Director’s resolutions and B) Fighting and Fencing are still on hold at least until June 1st.

    With the spike of infections happening in all three States that make up AEthelmearc, we need some more time to see if we can overcome the virus and see how big the spike is going to be.

    We are, however, allowing small gatherings now. (Such as sewing circles, and guild meetings.) They should also fit within the BOD’s guidelines. We recommend small, local gatherings first. Long distance travel is not recommended by the CDC at this time and we suggest folks be mindful of that. If you need a variance for any of the BOD’s resolutions, please contact me and we will work on that together.

    Regarding events – AEthelmearc is indeed going to allow events starting June 1st that follow the BOD’s guidelines. We recommend small events at first and pre-registration will be required. We are also going to try to get our pre-pay systems up and running, in an effort to limit contact where possible.

    Of note, we do not know if we will be allowing fighting and fencing at that time, so please be mindful of that when planning events for June.

    I also know you have many questions, such as what about Pennsic, and when is Crown Tourney. We are still working on that now. The answers are to be determined. We’re working on it and as soon as I know, I will let you all know as well.

    Duke Christopher and I will also be holding a Zoom meeting for local seneschals in the near future. More on that soon.


Much love. Stay safe.



**The announcement from the SCA Board of Directors can be found at the following link here **

**There is a reopening video from Kingdom Seneschal, Illadore, available for viewing on You tube at the following link here**