The Report of the Æthereal Court of Their Sylvan Majesties Maynard and Liadain, King and Queen of Æthelmearc, held on the 20th day of March Anno Societatis 55, Baron Brandubh O’Donnghaile, Jewel Herald.

Their Majesties opened court thanking all for attending. They spoke about how long the past year was, and how many friends that we all have lost, and also the fuzzy friends that we have lost. They then invited Lady Isabetta Orsini and David to join Them in Court. They had recently lost their dog Siff, and Their Majesties inducted Siff into the Sylvan Pack in memoriam. Regalia by Nycaise d’Ozier la Tailleresse.

Their Majesties invited Baroness Anastasie de Lamoure to join Them in Court. Baroness Anastasie had taken the Office of Æthelmearc Kingdom Thrown Weapons Marshall, and she gave her oath of service to the Kingdom to serve faithfully in that Office.

Baroness Anastasie swears fealty as Kingdom Thrown Weapons Marshal

Master Antonio de la Luna was then invited into Court, and Their Majesties thanked him for serving the past 4 years as Kingdom Thrown Weapons Marshall. They went on to praise his unending courtesy, being a voice of reason, and constantly working so that others might enjoy themselves. For these things Their Majesties inducted Master Antonio into the Order of the Cornelian. Work in progress by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova.

Master Antonio receives a Cornelian

The Sylvan Bard, Lord Eadaoin Ruadh, was then invited into Court and Their Majesties presented her with an Award of Excellence for her service over the past year as Sylvan Bard, contributing many Bardic Ambushes for AE Live, and other online venues.

Lord Eadaoin receives an Award of Excellence

Lord Eadaoin then announced that the previous evening she had hosted a bardic competition to determine her successor as Sylvan Bard. Their Majesties then called forth THLord Bran O’Labhragha and asked him to serve as Queen’s Bardic Champion, and Lord Gavin Kent was asked to serve as King’s Bardic Champion. Scroll by THLady Pippi Ulfsdotter.

Her Majesty then invited Lady Megge Gormshuileach and Mistress Elska a Fjarfelli and thanked them both for their bardic performances in the Sylvan Bardic Championship, and presented tokens of appreciation to each.

Master Brandubh

Their Majesties then spoke of upcoming events and Invited Baron Brandubh O’Donnghaile to speak about the upcoming Æthelmearc Heralds and Scribes Symposium event to be held on Zoom on April 10th, and that both Heralds and Scribes are still seeking teachers.

Their Majesties then invited Lady Thalia Papillon to speak as Autocrat of Ice Dragon. She announced that the Ice Dragon event will be several Zoom events starting with an Ice Dragon Bardic Circle on April 3, Pentathlon Judging online beginning Sunday April 11, leading up to Saturday April 24 for the Virtual event and court..

Lady Thalia Papillon was held in Court as Their Majesties praised her for her arts, creating largess, creating needle crafts, entering online competitions, creating needle cases and painting medallions. For these things and the quest to find more arts Their Majesties inducted her into the Order of the Sycamore. Medallion by Baron Magnus de Lyons, Scroll by Countess Margarita de Siena.

Their Majesties then called Lijsbet Hoefman into court. They praised her works in the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael. She served as Chronicler and Webminister for Barony, making a new website for the Barony, assisting with the Ice Dragon Pent, as well as being a talented artist and musician. For this wide body of work Their Majesties were pleased to Award her Arms. Scroll by Lord Riobard Michel Padraig Timothy Seamus Ó Súilleabháin known as Brother Bobby.

Dugan Rushton and Cristina Aurelia Vitelli of Sylvan Glen were then called into court and Their Majesties Awarded Arms to both of them. Dugan served as Shire Chamberlain reorganizing property and creating new policies for its use and teaching youth combat. Cristina served as the Shire Herald and Deputy Minister of Arts and Sciences assisting many gentles with heraldic submissions. Scrolls created by Baron Caleb Reynolds and THLady Zosia Kowalewska.

Their Majesties then invited Lady Otilia von Passaw into court and thanked her for creating beautiful cast pewter pilgrim tokens for Their Majesties, her brooches were entered in the Virtual Queen’s Prize Tourney, and the kingdom had been impressed by the quality of her work. For these things, Their Majesties inducted her into the Order of the Sycamore. Scroll by THLady Felice de Thornton.

THLord Rhys of Myles End was invited into court to speak about the Google for Non-Profit that Æthelmearc now features. THLord Rhys was part of the implementation team for the Webminister’s Office, and announced that all Paid Members could apply for an Æthelmearc Email address though the Æthelmearc Webminister Page. Their Majesties thanked him for his work, as they had heard how many hours had been spent by the Google Team making these updates, helping new users, and so They inducted him into the Order of the Keystone. Scroll by Baron Caleb Reynolds.

Her Majesty Queen Liadain then invited Lady Ania Mhoireach to attend her in court. She presented her with a personal token as the Queen’s Inspiration, for although she did not compete in the Bardic Competition for Sylvan Bard, she did participate in the interkingdom Bardic Circle that followed with such joy at sharing and hearing others perform.

Lady Ania, Queen’s Inspiration

Their Majesties thanked all of the Scribes and Regalia makers who had contributed to Their Court. They spoke of the future of the Society and Æthelmearc, as our future looks bright, and They wished to open up Æthelmearc safely, asking the subjects of Æthelmearc what that process should look like. They announced that there will be a virtual event on May 1 to celebrate the New Year Anno Societatis 56.

Brehyres Gwendolyn the Graceful was then invited into court and presented with an Award of Excellence for her decades of support of the bardic community in Æthelmearc. She truly embodies the title of Sylvan Bard Emeritus, continuing to lead the peoples of Æthelmearc in story song and march at Circles, Competitions and Opening Ceremonies.

Brehyres Gwendolyn

Their Majesties then invited Their New Sylvan Bards to perform their winning pieces in Court. THLord Bran O’Labhradha performed his winning song “Elegy of a Dream” and Lord Gavin Kent performed his winning poem “Ode to Kindle a Mighty Blazon.”

Court Closed.