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First and foremost, Their Majesties, the Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for Pandemics (Duke Christopher), the Earl Marshal (Master Morien) and I have determined that Æthelmearc can start fighting and fencing again, starting May 10, 2021.

This change is due to the Board of Directors and Society Seneschal’s clarifications on what is allowed at SCA events and gatherings.

To clarify: fencing and fighting can start May 10, 2021. However, all participants must follow SCA guidelines:

  1. Everyone must wear a mask. (This means over the mouth and nose, not over the helm.)
  2. You can only take your mask off to eat or drink – and you must be stationary AND follow social distancing guidelines.
  3. You must bring your own food and water.
  4. All fencing and fighting must be outside. (This is a change from gatherings.)

The SCA also will not require vaccinations to participate; however, if a site owner (including homeowners) is requiring people to be vaccinated to come to their home, they have the right to do that. Enforcement, however, is on them, not the SCA. It is the homeowner who is responsible for deciding what proof they will accept, for any checking of that proof, and for any enforcement. It needs to be made clear that this is a rule of the homeowner, not the branch of the SCA.

Thank you so much and please contact me if you have any questions.


As most of you have heard or seen, we are allowing fighting and fencing as of May 10th and I am so excited to get back out there and stab people. However, I have been asked a few questions about the lifting of the fencing and fighting ban, so I thought I would cover a few of them today.

Here’s what is required by the Board of Directors, the President of the SCA, the Society Seneschal, and AEthelmearc:

For practices: masks must be worn at all times, no food or water will be provided, if you want to consume food or water you must be stationary and follow social distancing guidelines, and all fencing and fighting practices must be outdoors. That last is a change from gatherings like sewing circles and scribal night.  These are for small practices.  If you have a large regional practice, that is an event.

For events, all of the above is required – PLUS pre-registration is required, and maximum of 150 people.

Let’s talk masks because that is where I am getting the most questions. The Society Seneschal’s guidance is that masks must follow CDC guidelines. That means two layers of breathable cloth fabric, or a disposable medical mask, it must completely cover your nose and mouth, no valves, no see through fabric or the like.

The mask MUST be against your face and cover your mouth and nose – not over your helm or fencing mask. That has been clarified by the Society Seneschal specifically. A plastic shield is not sufficient. However, if you have a new design idea, the Board of Directors is interested, particularly if it has already been fabricated.

Masks are, full stop, a requirement. If someone will not wear one, they must be asked to leave by the Marshal in charge, Autocrat, or local seneschal. Now, masks slip now and then or people are forgetful. We should all be kind and remind each other of the rules. However, if someone won’t comply, they cannot stay at the SCA event. Period.  If there is an issue with non-compliance, contact me or your regional seneschal immediately.

Food and water questions: Yes, you can give water to the people you live with and hand a sandwich to your child; however, that’s it. No communal water (and especially no more drinking out of the same tube in a water jug anymore.)  We can give out sealed water bottles; however.  Just please recycle.

Demos: Yes, we can do demos; however, there needs to be a barrier between the SCA and the rest of the public. Think of two sets of list ropes, an inner rope where we can do our activities, and an outer rope where the public can stand.  Also, yes at demos, we must wear masks,  in addition to any other state and local guidelines.

Also, when you first get out there, I recommend bringing more water than you think you’ll need. I also recommend bringing several masks to change out, as it gets hard to breath through masks when they get soaked from sweat and heavy breathing.

Illadore de Bedegrayne, Kingdom Seneschal