My term of office as Earl Marshal will expire in January of 2022.  Although these years have not been easy ones, it has been a pleasure and privilege to serve in this capacity alongside so many worthy and estimable people.  As my time in this position comes to a close, I would like to put out a call for resumes from interested parties to take on this office after me.

Please make sure your resume highlights your experience in SCA and mundane service (especially in the marshallate), and any administrative or leadership experience you may have, offices  held including dates, awards earned, and so on.  The deadline for resumes will be September 1st.

Please send your resumes electronically to His and Her Majesty, as well as courtesy copies to Mistress Illadore (Kingdom Seneschal) and myself.

Yours in Service,

Morien MacBain

Earl Marshal, Sylvan Aethelmearc