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Maynard and Liadain. Photo by Duchess Anna Blackleaf.

Greetings unto Æthelmearc from Maynard and Liadain, King and Queen of these Sylvan Lands.

We are thrilled that the date for Our Crown Tournament has been announced for August 21, 2021 in Our Shire of Misty Highlands. Our Seneschal, Master Illadore, has provided an excellent video announcement with details here.

Our greatest wish is to host a grand tournament, boasting a large number of combatants and spectators showcasing and witnessing the prowess and chivalry of Æthelmearc.

However, as you may be aware, we are currently limited to 150 attendees. We therefore strongly request that combatants and consorts only submit a letter of intent for entry if they are confident of being present and participating in the tournament in Misty Highlands on August 21, 2021. Should the current attendance restriction by the BoD not be increased or lifted, this may result in those not running the event or participating in the tournament being unable to attend.

Furthermore, we ask that entrants into the tournament seriously consider what victory and being royalty during a pandemic entails. We encourage you to reach out to us with questions.

In order to get back on track as a Kingdom, the preferred date for Coronation is September 25, 2021. Alternate dates may include September 18 or October 1.

This is a very quick turnaround time, and entrants should consider the following prior to Crown Tournament as Our Heirs will be required to advise Us of their preferred option on the day of their victory; given that events and attendance are limited, Our Heirs may choose to have a virtual Coronation, at an event hosted locally or at another event scheduled on the dates above. Should none of these options be viable, Coronation will occur on the morning of October Crown Tournament.

Letters of intent are due to Us by July 21, 2021. We will limit those requirements outside of Kingdom Law to the following:

  • Prospective consorts must be present at the tournament.
  • Each combatant and consort must display a banner during the grand procession.
  • All modern armor and equipment must be covered. This includes modern sports equipment, company logos, bright-colored or blatantly plastic armor, etc. These may be worn but concealed with a heraldic tabard, surcoat, or similar covering. Modern footwear is acceptable if disguised or understated (i.e., black or brown).

Please also review the section of Kingdom law listing requirements included below. Contact us if you have any questions regarding any of these requirements. Be mindful that letters of intent must be postmarked or received by the Crown no later than 30 days prior to Crown Tournament (July 21, 2021). Confirmation of receipt will be provided as received. Please contact us via email if you have any concerns.

Our contact information: TRM Maynard and TRM Liadain

(Postal address included in email missive and available upon request.)

Letters of intent must include the following elements for both entrants:

  • SCA names
  • Legal names
  • Postal Addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • E-mail addresses
  • Proofs of membership
  • Age (proof to be supplied at Crown Tournament) and
  • Proof of current authorization for Combatants.

We would also request that the preferred titles of both fighter and consort are included in letters of intent to ensure accuracy and promote pageantry (ex. Noble, Lord, THLady, Baroness, Sir, Mistress, etc.) There is also an online Letter of Intent Form available on the Kingdom Website here.

For Honor, Glory and Æthelmearc,

Maynard and Liadain

Rex et Regina Æthelmearc



III-100 Entrants in this section of Law are defined as the combatant and consort entering Crown Tournament.

III-200 All entrants in the Crown Tournament must be members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

III-300 All entrants in the Crown Tournament must be 18 years of age or older as of the date of Crown Tournament.

III-400 The withdrawal of either entrant from the Crown Lists shall automatically eliminate both from that Tournament, except as provided below in paragraph III-1100. Either may withdraw at any point in the Tournament by notifying the Minister of the Lists.

III-500 In order to be eligible to fight or be fought for in Crown Tournament, a person must be a subject (as defined in Corpora) of Æthelmearc for one year immediately prior to Crown Tournament and be able to demonstrate a reasonable level of participation in Æthelmearc during that period.

The Crown may waive the above requirements if the entrants are subjects of the Kingdom and able to demonstrate to the Crown’s satisfaction by their own words or by recommendation of peers of the Kingdom that they have sufficient familiarity with Kingdom Law and customs and an acceptable level of participation.

III-600 Letters of intent must be sent to the Crown. They must include the following elements for both entrants: • SCA names • Legal names • Addresses • Telephone numbers • E-mail addresses • Proofs of membership • Age (proof to be supplied at Crown Tournament) • Proof of current authorization for Combatants

To facilitate complete letters of intent, a form is available on the Kingdom website as well as from the Crown and the Seneschal on request. Prospective entrants are encouraged but not required to use this form to ensure a complete letter. Letters of intent must be mailed, e-mailed, or hand-delivered to the Crown no later than 30 days prior to the Crown Tournament. The Kingdom Seneschal shall verify eligibility as defined in the Bylaws and Corpora.

III-700 No person shall enter the Crown Tournament without intending an honorable attempt to compete for the Crown. At the discretion of the Royalty whose Crown it is, the Kingdom Officers who administer Crown may step aside and have their emergency deputy administer the Tourney, so they may enter. In the event a Kingdom Officer should win Crown, the Law regarding Emergency Deputies and office succession will apply.

III-800 The entrants must be acceptable to the Crown or Their representatives.

III-900 No person fighting in or being fought for in Crown Tournament may administer the Crown Tournament.

III-1000 Any two people may champion each other in the Crown Lists (hereinafter referred to as a combatant couple so long as neither is championed by any other person.

III-1100 If one member of a combatant couple is removed from the Crown Lists for marshallate infractions or any infractions of the Rules of the Lists, both members are ineligible to continue in that Crown Tournament. If one member of a combatant couple voluntarily withdraws as a combatant in the Lists, the MOL and Marshal will confer with the withdrawing member to determine if they are also withdrawing as consort or if the other member may continue in the Lists. If the participant withdraws both as fighter and consort, both shall be ineligible to continue in that Crown Tournament.

III-1200 The preferred method of Crown Tournament is a double-elimination format.

III-1300 The winner of the Crown Tournament and the winner’s consort become the new Heirs to the Throne of Æthelmearc. They are each entitled to the Title of Crown Prince or Crown Princess, as appropriate to the individual’s persona.

III-1301 Upon ascending to the Throne, They may rightfully be acknowledged as Monarch and Consort with alternate Titles as appropriate to the dignity of the Throne.