Greetings Everyone!!

Over the last several months I have been working on updates to the Thrown Weapons Rules, and they have now been completed. Here are some of the major changes, but a good read through is highly suggested.

  1. Closed toed shoes are no longer required.
  2. Spears have only been added to the Royal Round part of the rules and are only for those who wish to do it…. So, NOT a requirement.
  3. Sling ammunition/targets has been further defined.
  4. Plumbata has been added to the rules.
  5. ATL ATL has been removed from the thrown weapons rules, as it has been moved to archery at the Society level.
  6. A Thrower’s highest rank achieved will be permanent regardless of the age of the thrower or current average.

If you have any questions please direct them to me at thrownweapons@aethelmearc.org.

In Service,

Baroness Anastasie deLamoure
Æthelmearc Thrown Weapons Marshal