Greetings Æthelmearc,

As some of you have probably heard there has been a lot of talk about possible changes to the Royal Round. Before I get into any details please remember 2 things:

  1. These talks have been talks going on for a couple of years between the Kingdoms – though Æthelmearc’s throwers and marshals are just finding out about them.
  2. NOTHING is set in stone. We are just talking about this and your opinion matters.

There are many throwers out there that travel to different Kingdoms and this would allow that thrower to throw the same Royal Round no matter where they are at. Also you would not have to search out an Æthelmearc marshal to run the Royal Round for you in such places like Pennsic and Gulf Wars as the rules are the same.

There was a meeting several weeks ago and we had approximately 11 of the 20 Kingdoms represented. Of those Kingdoms there is what some of their current Royal Rounds are:

Comparison of Thrown Weapons rules by Kingdom

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From the information above, for the most part, things are about the same and some are more of an endurance undertaking.

***This is what is being proposed.

There will be a separate Royal Round average for axe, knife, and spear for those who wish to do it.

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A Royal Round for axe would consist of 5 throws from the 10’ line and 5 throws from the 20’ line. A Royal Round for knife would also consist of 5 throws from the 10’ line and 5 throws from the 20’ line. I do know that at this point some of you have noticed that if you wish to do a Royal Round for both axe and knife it would be a total of 20 throws, and 30 if you wish to add spear in, hence why each form would be its own rank. As in another marshal discipline, you would be able to submit a Royal Round for each weapon form once per day/practice… Again if you choose.

There has been talk of adding calibration throws into the royal rounds. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is when you move from the 10’ to the 20’ line you would get a couple of throws to make sure you can hit the target before you continue with your royal round.

Weapon requirements/regulations:

Axe: Any blade edge over 5″ must be clearly marked with a 5″ defined scoring edge.

Knife: The tip of the blade must touch in order to score.

Spear: Length needs to be between 3’-8’ with a blade width no larger than 3” wide, and will score if the blade is in the target, even if the handle is on the ground.

Target height should be between 40-60” for axe and knife and the height for spear is still being talked about. Our current target height is 40-50”, so we would in fact, gain 10”.

There would be no changes to the target size and no change to the ring sizes.

With talk of changing the scoring and the number of throws here is a comparison of ranks.

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The rank values are quite different but all the ranks are there, and are comparable to the present ranks. I have no issue with possibly creating some kind of recognition for those who wish to do all the weapons forms if they so wish.

Please let me know your questions or concerns by emailing me at: thrownweapons@aethelmearc.org

In Service,

Baroness Anastasie deLamoure
Æthelmearc Thrown Weapons Marshal