Pay heed to this missive from the Moneyer’s Guild:
Greetings Noble populace!

Photo Credit: Violeta de Valencia

With Æthelmearc Crown Tournament approaching this weekend, We of the Moneyer’s Guild are happy to announce a brand new feature of our Kingdom’s Crown Tourneys…
The Æthelmearc Bookmaker!!!
That’s right! Bring any struck coins that you have, and place a bet on your favorite to win! Step inside and try your hand at one of our wagering games, such as Glückshaus, or others! Bring any coins that you have and join us at the swapping table to trade!
Don’t have any struck coins currently in your possession? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Everyone attending the event will be given three coins, specially struck for the day, as they check in!
We will have odds set for every fighter competing that day, so choose your favorite, place a bet, and potentially walk away with your purse significantly heavier!
::Important Note:: No *actual* money will be changing hands for these wagers, only struck or cast replica coins. This is merely for entertainment, amusement, and to get all of these coins that we have been making circulating and to give people something to use them for beyond collecting.