Their Royal Highnesses Gareth & Juliana are calling for those gentles who wish to succeed them in the Sylvan Line to vie for that honor in Their Crown Tournament on October 9th.

As is tradition, all who wish to compete in the tournament must satisfy all requirements in  Æthelmearc Kingdom law. In addition, we wish the following from potential heirs:

First, all fighters and their consorts must be present for the entirety of the tournament.

Second, the use and presence of banners displaying both fighters and consorts devices for the procession is highly encouraged.

Third, all fighters should make a thorough effort to hide modern armor and attire. Non-intrusive modern footwear is acceptable.

Finally, those vying to succeed Their Highnesses should have been active in this Kingdom, especially in the time preceding the pandemic.

Letters of intent should be received no later than September 16.

We look forward to a tournament full of honorable combat to determine Our Heirs!

Gareth & Juliana

Crown Prince & Princess of Æthelmearc