Gentles of Æthelmearc! Fellow lovers of performance and performing! Greetings!

The days of strangeness and plague continue in new and varied ways, but time moves on and so must we.

We – Bran and Gavin – have had the honor and delight of serving as your Sylvan Bard (dipartite) this year, and with Their Majesties Gareth and Juliana’s ascension to the Sylvan Throne, the time has come to determine who will take up the mantle next.

While Kingdom Tradition holds that the successor to the role is chosen by competition at the Kingdom 12th night celebration, the continued pestilence means we will be without that opportunity.

SO, we will create a new opportunity in its place!

**Beginning October 7th, and proceeding through the last day of December, we will be accepting shortish (say 3-7 minutes, hard limit of 10min) performance VIDEO RECORDINGS via the Sylvan Bard email – email here. (Please send us a link to a location we can download from, like dropbox or google drive)

Song! Story! Poem! Bring us your best delightful performance in celebration of the new year, rebirth and renewal, and an eventual return to our desired ways of doing things.

We will send you a receipt email, and will curate the performances together into a 12th night concert/competition, with performances by ourselves, and your wonderful personages, from which Their Majesties will select their new Bardic Champion.

Any questions may be directed to the sylvan bard email above. Thank you, break a leg, and be well and joyful!


Lord Gavin Kent – Sylvan Bard of His Majesty

THL Bran O’Labhradha – Sylvan Bard to Her Majesty