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Their Sylvan Majesties, King Gareth Kincaid and Queen Juliana Delamere, are pleased to let it be known to all that they are looking forward to choose their Arts & Sciences Champions at the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship to be held at Tavern Brawl, hosted by the Shire of King’s Crossing this October 30th.

We encourage entrants to join us in-person at a wonderful site for a day of sharing and celebrating of all the wonderful things that our Arts & Sciences community has to offer. There will also be room for Arts & Sciences display and we are even working on some cool demos! However, we do understand that going to events is still a difficult choice for many of us and we have therefore decided on a hybrid in-person/virtual format for this year’s competition.

Entry by Lady Ilaria in the virtual Arts and Sciences Championship in 2020

The in-person competition will be held along the same lines as in the past. Candidates with their entries will be judged face-to-face and the scoring will be based on the Kingdom A&S rubric. In order to reduce the indoor face-to-face time for candidates and judges, we will limit this year’s competition to one 45-minute judging session with a panel of 2 or 3 judges. Although not a requirement, we ask that candidates register their in-person entry online ahead of time, to make planning for us a little easier!

Candidates who are not able to join us at the event can submit their entry online. We created a basic web form where you can securely upload some photos, your documentation and some basic info. The virtual part of the competition will be held much along the lines of last year’s competition. Each candidate will meet face-to-face with a panel of judges over Zoom for one 45-minute judging session during the week leading up to the event and their presentation and entry will be judged with the same rubric as used at the event. The site is discretely damp and we are excited and happy to accept alcoholic beverage entries at the event!

We want to emphasize that we totally love to see partial projects! It doesn’t have to be a completely finished entry to be eligible. As usual, you may also enter up to three related objects as a single entry. Prior entry in another competition or display does not disqualify you from entering, we love to see continued progress on existing projects. The scores will be tallied once all judging is completed (the combined online and in-person entries) and relayed to Their Majesties who will choose their champions and announce them at the event during court.

Their Sylvan Majesties and the Kingdom Office of Arts & Sciences are very much looking forward to seeing what our Kingdom has to offer!

Yours in service,

Hrólfr and Elska á Fjárfelli (KMoAS)