Hello Æthelmearc!

I know we’ve had a number of changes lately. We have another one. Corporate has informed me that the previous sign in sheet does not match their requirements. Here’s the updated information:

1. Everyone who physically attends an event/practice/gathering/etc. has to provide their name and contact information. That should go to the local Seneschal and be kept for 60 days. You only need name and contact information.

2. The attestation sheet should be a separate sheet and should go to the Kingdom Seneschal – a picture of that signed sheet should be emailed to aecovid@aethelmearc.org – or send it to the Kingdom Seneschal via regular mail, and that address can be found in the Æstel.

Basically, Corporate et al did not like us combining the two sheets. However, this should streamline the process a bit – Covid Vax/Test Checkers can just visibly look at persons’ ID and proof and wave them through, and then sign the attestation form once Gate/Troll/Practice is over. The Checkers do not have to write anything else down.

I am sorry for the confusion. My deepest apologies and I greatly greatly appreciate your patience.


PS. If you need an attestation sheet, the East Kingdom made one – https://seneschal.eastkingdom.org/docs/covwaiv.pdf