Greetings from THL Deirdre Scot of Clann Scot, Kingdom Authorization Clerk.

With practices and events in full swing once again, I will take this opportunity to remind everyone of a few things when filling out authorization forms.

  1. Please write legibly. If we get a form we can not read, we are guessing on names, addresses, emails, etc. On more than one occasion forms have come back as undeliverable. Which means your waiting longer for your card, and we have duplicate work.
  2. Fill out the form in its entirety. If we have to call, email or send back the form due to missing information it will only take longer for your card to arrive.
  3. If you are authorizing or re-authorizing in different disciplines (EX: Rapier & Heavy) you must have a marshal who is authorized in that form sign your authorization. For Example: If you are authorizing for one handed weapon and combat archery for heavy, and the marshal you are with is only authorized in one handed weapon. That marshal CAN NOT authorize you for combat archery. You will need to seek out a marshal who can authorize you for Combat Archery and ask for that signature.
  4. Marshals – Do not sign forms that are not filled out in its entirety. If you notice an individual who is authorizing or re-authorizing for a form you are not authorized in make sure inform them. If your marshallate has expired do not sign the form. We will send it back for a current marshal to sign. We do check the marshal roster.
  5. Marshals In Training (MIT) – A marshal in training should not be signing a form. If they are doing an authorization under the supervision of a Marshal then the supervising marshal should be signing the form.

In addition, self addressed envelopes are always welcome and encouraged. If you’re able,  a box of envelopes or stamps with your form or when you see one of us at an event, practice or meeting is also welcomed.

We are here to help. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out.

By doing the above, you help save time, expedite the process and most importantly keep your Authorization Clerks sane!

In Service We Remain,

THL Deirdre & Mistress Odrianna