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Big news from our Kingdom Authorizations Clerk:

The Kingdom Authorization Clerk has introduced a new online option for filing your Authorization paperwork. The paper form will not be going away, this is an enhancement of the current process. There will still be physical Authorization Cards sent to each fighter.

Here is the new process:

  • You will fill out either the paper authorization form OR go online to fill out the online form.*
  • You will either tear off the top portion of the paper form to show at the MOL table OR you will need to have your email confirmation available on your phone to show to the MOL.
  • You will either send in the bottom portion of the paper form to the Authorization Clerk (remembering to include a SASE) OR the Authorization Clerk will pull the online information.
  • The Authorization Clerk will then issue you an Authorization Card and send it to you via USPS.

At the MOL table you will need to have your authorization card, a picture of your authorization card on your phone, the top portion of the paper form, or the email confirmation you received when filling out the online form.

With electronic delivery of the confirmation, you *must* have the email pulled up on your phone to show at the table. The MOLs will not be able to provide you with a device to log into your email to produce that information. You may want to consider taking screen shots of the email so you have a backup in the event that there is minimal or no bandwidth available at the event site.

If you have any questions contact either the Kingdom MOL, Baroness Amelia Soteria, at mol@aethelmearc.org or the Kingdom Authorization Clerk, THL Deirdre Scot of Clann Scot, at authorization@aethelmearc.org.

*You can also find a link to the Adult and Youth forms here: https://aethelmearc.org/officers/authorizations-clerk/