Starting January 4th, 2022, there will be monthly Virtual Equestrian Marshal Trainings. These training will be open to anyone interested in our known world.

Our virtual Equestrian Marshal in Training meetings will occur on the First Tuesday of the month at 7PM EST.

Each training session is designed to last 90 minutes, depending on questions. The monthly meetings will be posted on the SCA Equestrian Facebook page, and if possible, emails can be sent out with meeting agenda and log in information.

  • This virtual Equestrian Marshal in Training Program will primarily cover the SCA Equestrian Handbook, Weapon inspections, and Event / Practice planning including all required paperwork and marshal reports.
  • Each Kingdom will be responsible for adding additional information to this program which is specific for their Kingdom.
  • The Æthelmearc Equestrian Marshal in Training will be on a separate day to be announced. These virtual trainings will cover the theoretical sections of the Equestrian Marshal in Training program.
  • The program requires hands on sections as well. Please arrange hands on training (i.e. weapon inspection, mock authorization, organizing an event or marshaling a practice) with your Kingdom Equestrian Officer.
  • The goal to be is to record these trainings for future references and provide additional training videos as we move forward over the next few months.

Requirements for becoming an Equestrian Marshal in Training (EMIT):

Becoming an SCA Equestrian Marshal is not as easy as showing up and saying you want to be a Marshal.

Being an Equestrian Marshal requires a good knowledge of horses, horsemanship, riders, games and the SCA’s rules and regulations.

There are a number of steps which must be completed, under the supervision of an Equestrian Marshal (EQM) in good standing with the Kingdom, in order to become an Equestrian Marshal.

You must demonstrate your knowledge in all these areas in a defined sequence in order to be approved and warranted as an Equestrian Marshal.

1) Establish and maintain membership in the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA).

2) Find an Equestrian Marshal to sponsor / train you and get another to recommend you. Both must sign your EMIT log to document this sponsorship.

3) Authorize as a General Rider and authorize to participate in Mounted Games and maintain these authorizations.

4) Approval of the Kingdom Equestrian Officer is required to become an Equestrian Marshal in Training


For more information, please visit the Facebook event page here